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Study – Commercializing the travel, tourism and leisure industry

We would like your help with our study on commercialization in the travel, tourism and leisure industry. We want to talk to anyone in or related to the industry to develop a deeper understanding of activities, processes and expectations for the future of the industry.


Dynamic digital presence and its disruptive effect

Dynamic digital presence is arguably a version 2.0 of dynamic marketing. The same technology and data used in classical dynamic marketing can now be implemented on a company’s homepage. Thus ensuring relevant content for any prospect/stakeholders visiting the company’s homepage.


Ground zero for any form of commercialization is assessments and market development.

Assessment and market development is mapping and identifying every single one of your company’s traits and attributes so that your management team has detailed knowledge on where you’re company are better, where you’re company are average and where you’re company are worse of than best practice, peers, competitors, and market leaders.


Discrepancy between possibilities and reality in utilizing technology

Companies, in general, has access to an are paying licence fees for systems capable to handle almost any processes related to commercialization. Without being even close to touching upon the power and subsequently possibilities that lies within their systems.


Our latest service “The Follow-up”

Any business manager must see and understand their team just as Alex Ferguson or Vince Lombardi saw their teams. Different roles, different traits, different attributes, and subsequently different needs to maximize the team’s potential as a group and as individual cogs in the machinery.

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