Homeowners will not pay a premium for a service they don’t understand

If a realtor or estate agent find themself haggling over price, odds are the seller does not buy into your value proposition

Would you find it plausible that somewhere out there in the big world, there are techniques, technology or other tricks that could improve sales for your estate agents, your agency, or your franchise?

We will never suggest that you’re not good or even great at sales. We are merely suggesting that there might be something out there that could make you even better.  

L&F CG is a boutique consulting agency offering services within sales, marketing and technology to estate agents, estate agencies and estate agency franchises.

We have identified 300 sales and marketing specialties who on their own or as part of your marketing mix claims to improve your pipeline of assignors, better prices for your agency’s services and higher prices for your listings. 

To help you get an overview of what’s out there we have developed our 360 Wheel of Commercialization  to assess how your sales and marketing activities stack up against best practice and what’s possible. The assessment is free without any commitment, and you can read more about it here

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