We Are the Transformation Company

We use the power of AI, HR, Marketing and Tech to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities.

We Are the HR Transpormation Company

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L&F CG is a company dedicated to help companies in the real estate industry develop and utilize their competitive edges trough learning, training, recruitment and team development.

L&F CG was established in 2018 by Arvid Madland Lyngnes and Petter Frøshaug Vasholmen to help real estate companies develop their marketing and sales skills. In 2021 the L&F Learning platform was launched. In 2022 L&F CG teamed up with several head hunters to provide a more complete service for our clients. And in 2023 L&F CG started collaborating with event planners to better our services in team building.

A great team is great because the players are great. And great players are great because they are better than their competition at training and development. And thats what we do. We help our clients to be best at developing and training their currant employees. We help our clients Identifying and engaging the talent they need to grow and be better. We help clients our develop their competitive advantages. And we help our client’s management team utilize their resources to maximize their team strengts.

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“A great team is great because it has great players. Great players are great because they are better than their competitors in honing and developing their skills. That is what modern HR is all about”

Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Managing Partner

Arvid Lyngnes

Who are L&F CG

"Modern HR is making sure your employees are better than their competitors. That they have all the resources they need to win. That you can find, recruit, and onboard the talent that makes your team better and that every detail platys to your advantage"

Petter Frøshaug Vasholmen

Cheif Executive Officer

Petter Vasholmen

Building Better Futures for Our People

"As a travel and wellbeing expert, my mission is to guide you towards unlocking and achieving your true potential. Through a holistic approach, I blend my passion for exploration with effective strategies for personal growth. Empowering you to enhance your life's journey is at the heart of what I do."

Cecilie Madland Lyngnes

Cheif Wellness officer

Cecilie Madland

"We invest in our people’s future, create inclusive working environments, and build cultures based on the values of openness, optimism and a commitment to extraordinary work."








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Building a Better Future for Our Planet

"We’re using our creativity, expertise, relationships, and scale to help build a more sustainable and equitable world."

Restoring Nature

Corbon emissions across scope 3 by 2030

Reduce Plastic Waste

Carbon emissions per person (scope 1 and 2) (2021: 0.32tCO2e)


Electricity from renewable sources (2021: 74%)

Building better futures for Our Clients