We Proudly Present:

Jennie Sundve

Jennie Ann Sundve

Jennie Ann Sundve

Project Manager - Talent Acquisition


We are proud to introduce Jennie Ann Sundve, our new partner with an impressive academic and professional background from Europe Skolan and BI in Oslo, specializing in marketing and travel coordination. Passionate about sales, real estate, IT, and marketing, Jennie has demonstrated outstanding results across the country, including a top position in sales at Gjensidige.

Jennie is a master at solving complex problems with a philosophy that there are no problems, only solutions. Particularly in recruitment, her ability to see the person behind the resume has helped build stronger teams in IT, finance, and the sales industry.

Through innovative approaches to networking and developers’ work practices, Jennie has made significant contributions to several projects, such as connecting talented developers with relevant job opportunities. Her unique perspective and trust-based approach have created valuable customer relationships and laid the foundation for further success.

With a future focused on continuous development through training and new customer relationships, Jennie looks forward to applying her expertise in new, innovative projects. The services she offers, such as CV optimization, coaching, and networking, reflect her commitment to finding the right person for the right place and supporting clients throughout the employment process.

Welcome to a collaboration with Jennie Ann Sundve, marked by knowledge, trust, and outstanding results, where new opportunities are explored with great enthusiasm and professionalism.