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We are educators, coaches and colleagues and we are on a mission!

There are 60 000 titles on real estate books on amazon. There are 200 000 titles on amazon on marketing and sales. There are 25 000 digital coaches at your fingertips. There are 1500 podcasts on real estate. There are 250 journals on real estate. There are 500 news outlets about real estate.

Everyone staking a claim to be the best, the ultimate solution for you. At L&F CG we believe them. We believe that each and everyone can stake a claim to be best at something. That's why our courses integrate everyone. We will literally take their input and integrate it into our courses

What you get from us is every specialist, guru, expert special sauce. What makes them unique. Translated into a receipt for you to use. A receipt broken down to academic subjects for you to learn and adapt to your strengths and your markets  
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Then €50 a month, just like your neighborhood gym. and tax exempt in most countrys 

Customized learning

Adapted to your market, your segment and your personality 

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Enroll, develop a routine, implement your new skills and keep going..

Sales and marketing

Peer reviewed, top of the line. This is how we develop our courses
Our team

Meet some of our instructors

Arvid M. Lyngnes

Hello I’m Arvid the first lecturer here at LFCG,  you will see me in the many must have courses. My objective in my courses is to give you a basic understanding and skill sett in the subject at hand.

Petter F. Vasholmen

CEO / Partner
Hi I'm Petter, you will not see me in the videos but I’m a part of the LFCG training team. My role is too curate the content of, videos, podcasts and our digital learning material ensuring it's really useful to you.

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