When two lions fight to get control of the heard, given an even and predictable arena for the fight. The bigger, stronger, and more resourceful lion will always win. You have seen this on tv more than once in one of BBC and Attenborough’s nature shows. It is the same for a company. If a smaller company tries to go head-to-head with a company that possesses more resources on an even and predictable battleground, they will lose 99 out of 100 times.

Whatever system you chose to use, it must be aligned with your competence and your strengths. Not a bigger and stronger opponents skillset, competence, and strengths.

You will not outplay a bigger and more resourceful opponent using their playbook.

  • A system for inbound marketing, marketing, CRM, sales, CMS is not and in no way a substitute for marketing, CRM, or a sales plan. A system is merely a tool to be used to enhance your reach, automate processes, and increase efficiency in each process. 
  • Of course, one can make an argument that for a company lacking in marketing, sales or technological competence, any system will be better than no system. This is not really the case. This company must, first, create the necessary plans or invest in someone to create these plans. If not, anyone system bought and implemented in day-to-day operations, will create a vast amount of white noise, inside and outside the organization. And the company will take a hit in its projected ROI. 
  • To really hammer this point home. Every system is designed to handle a specified branch, market, segment, or industry. A lesser-known fact is that every system is developed and designed to utilize different strengths. Knowing which strength to utilize in which segment and industry. It is therefore essential when choosing what type of technology to invest in.

“If the smaller lion were smart, it would attack the bigger lion when it was sleeping, in the dark. The Lion won’t, but a company should. The smaller company will only win if it can even the odds some way. Changing the battleground, activities leading up to the fight anything that can tip the odds in the smaller companies favor.”

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