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“In the long run, being the best has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with hard work, structure and innovation”
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What to expect from a customized L&F CG Workshop

The workshop is designed for agencies and can be used to achieve goals such as
  • Be the best agency locally 
  • Be the best agency regionally 
  • Be the best agency in the franchise
  • Design and develop your optimal organization

The best real estate agency locally

  • Is the agency who are invited to most sales inspections locally

The best agency regionally

  • Is the agency who are invited to most sales inspections regionally

The best agency in the franchise

  • Is the agency who are invited to most sales inspections in the franchise

How do we conduct the workshop?   

  1. Together we will sett a goal for the agency 
  2. We will enroll every workshop participant from the agency, into the L&f CG coaching program and conduct necessary tests. Test which helps us clarify what we must work on in the upcoming workshop
  3. We will send a workshop agenda to everyone involved. Where the agency are today. Where the agency want to be. And what we need to fix in the workshop to make that happen
  4. The workshop itself is conducted at our location or a location of our choosing. We have a strict check inn and check out routine for everyone involved. 
  5. At the end of the workshop we will have a clear cut way from where the agency are today and where they want to be next. We will ensure that everyone understands their tasks and contribution for the overall goal 

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