Who We Are

We are passionate about marketing, sales, and technology.

We provide a service to our clients in the real estate industry that gives them the tools they need to become leaders within their niche, segment, or market.

Arvid M. Lyngnes

Lead Commercialization / Partner

Arvid is a marketing specialist turned commercialist preaching to everyone who would listen about the need to merge sales, marketing and technology for future growth and success. Working as a management consultant for most of his career, the transformation from a purebred marketer to a commercialist has been a lengthy process, pushed by success stories from clients who do.

Thomas B. Dahlberg

Lead Sales

Thomas is a seasoned people person who engages people and businesses who can capitalize on his knowledge, experience, and information. Thomas will contact you and show you his value preposition and let you decide if this is something for you and your business. Thomas’ research is impeccable, if Thomas reaches out to you, it’s because he is certain that you and your business can benefit from a meeting. 

Thomas is extremely dedicated and loyal to his work; he is good to work with and incredibly organized.

Petter F. Vasholmen

CEO / Partner

We believe that the modern consumer has a far greater understanding of their needs than ever before. Consumer behavior, customer retention and customer lifetime value have never been more important topics than right now.

Companies that do not focus on these areas are doomed to failure. The old ways of doing business will not work in this new digital world.

L&F CG have an ambition to create a major force in the real estate industry.

Simon Galschiøt

Advisory Board

Founder & CEO @ FlowStack ApS

Simon is a seasoned programmer and ProTech evangelist specializing in digitized and automated customer journeys. As co-founder and lead engineer at the CDP Flowstack. Simon has been and still is a pioneer on developing customer journeys for home and property owners. Simon is also a dedicated member of L&F CG’s Advisory Board.

Cecilie Madland

Chairman of the Board

Founder @ 4seasons weddings

Cecilie Madland is a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of 4seasons weddings, a major wedding event planner in Scandinavia. Cecilie is also chairman of our board of directors. Her financial expertise from startups and growth companies is invaluable and helps the whole organization grow within our means.  

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