Would it be plausible to believe that an Snorre Pedersen, well versed in sales and marketing theories, techniques and technology and coached and trained to play every activity to his or her strengths would have a major competitive edge in his or her day to day work?  

Although sales and marketing counts for at least 60 to 70% of the estate agents job, formal educations has next to no focus on these subjects

Sales and marketing is all about technique, knowing what to do and when to do it. Together me and Snorre have been working tirelessly on developing a unique and personal pipeline for Snorre. We have been working on how to identify and engage prospects, how to customize offers and presentations, and how to negotiate and close. Taking Snorre from a struggling freshman to a seasoned estate agent in just a month.

Developing your personal receipt for success is just the smart thing to do. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses for that matter. Making sure you always play to your strengths, just makes you better.

“By adjusting the offer and its presentation, recognizing that the offer would have to communicate to a brother as well, as my contact not. A Brother who was a co-signer. Closed up the deal in just a few hours. A deal who had been in the pipeline for weeks with many other agents sniffing around”

Snorre Pedersen

What kind of effect has our training and coaching had on your life?

Personally it provides me with financial security. I can pay my bills every month. I can plan for basic needs such as buying my own apartment, car and other necessities which makes my life easier. On top of that I can plan vacations, have and engage in social life. It just makes everything a little easier. 

Professionally it makes me feel good. I get confirmation on a daily basis that I am a good estate agent. It allows me to plan forward and keep developing my skills knowing that in my segment I can compete and beat everyone.   

What is the biggest difference between your day to day routines from when we first met and today? 

It’s all about knowing that everything you do, every little activity is a gateway to more listings, better sales and strengthening my personal brand. And it makes perfect sense, practise makes perfect. And it is so much easier to love the minute and mundane tasks when you know each and everyone helps you develop your business.

There will always be people you connect with better. Developing a pipeline of prospects who by default likes you, your personality and the way you conduct business. Is just one more way to develop your personal competitive edge.


If 2 assignments are too little and 6 makes a healthy profit for the agent, the agency and the franchise. Surely investing 10-20% of the profit ensuring every agent maximizes their potential and contributes to the agency’s overall performance is a no brainer investment? No matter who picks up the bill, everyone involved has an interest and every incentive necessary to make sure the job, training and coaching, gets done. 

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