Real Estate Rockstars: With Pat Hiban

Is it not easier to improve something great than to build everything from scratch? 

Being unique and special is not all about reinventing the wheel every time. Sometimes it’s just about finding something that works, and doing that a little better.  

Seasoned estate agents, up and coming agents and real estate investors share their methods and sometimes secrets for their listeners to improve upon.  

This is a somewhat american podcast where bigger, better, best and billions is the essence of everything. But between the phrases there are some really good advice and content in this podcast.  

Pat Hiban is an accomplished estate agent and he and his guests share a lot of know-how to become a better and a more efficient estate agent.

Open House Therapy: With Arvid Lyngnes

First of all, does the world of real estate really need another podcast? Although there are several podcasts out there, focusing on sales, marketing, and technology.  and others again focusing on real estate, agents, and agencies. We didn’t really find a podcast who combined these subjects in the way we wanted to.

This first episode is about the necessity and potential within customer retention. 
It is about what customer retention is worth and how to achieve great customer retention “If your agency’s customer retention is just 10% better than your toughest competitors. Your agency will outgrow them within 5 years.”

In general, the open house therapy is a podcast for estate agents on 
a) how to find and close inn assignors. 
b) how to present and sell your listings and 
c) how to increase the value of your services. 

Furthermore the open house therapy will tell you all about trends, techniques, theories, systems, tools, platforms that you as an estate agent can use to gain a competitive edge in your market. 


The principles of marketing by Philip Kotler

In a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace, is it not more vital than ever for estate agents to develop meaningful connections with their customers?

Being great with Facebook and business manager is a marvelous skill to have as a modern Estate agent. But without a fundamental understanding of marketing, consumer behaviour, consumer economics and such. To put facebook’s business manager into full effect will be impossible.

The book principles of marketing teaches you how different aspects of marketing are connected and thus how to utilize all the modern tools and technology available at your fingertips today

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

You are always more likely to have a nice intimate conversation with someone you know or are familiar with than a total stranger? 

A great valueprepostion is a prerequisite to make a deal happen. But for a customer to acknowledge the value proposition it has to be presented by someone familiar.

A modern consumer will not be bothered by a message from a stranger. No matter how nice, important, or relevant it is. Hence 95% of marketing activities are perceived as white noise or more correctly expensive white noise.   

This book talks about the necessity of making your audience. That is your clients, prospects, and stakeholders. Someone who wants to engage in a conversation with you. And for you to remember that a conversation in a relationship occurs between sales.    

Seth Godin’s book will help you develop a better understanding of what a great marketing strategy needs to be. 

Customer retention and customer lifetime value for estate agents: By Arvid Madland Lyngnes 

If there was a trick to make every customer you ever came across to stay with you forever, would you do that trick? 

The thing is that someone who has invested a percentage of their life savings in you, will not leave you, unless you force them to.

10% increase in customer retention will on average increase profitability with 50-95%. An increase in customer retention is directly correlated to a customer’s experience and subsequently customer loyalty. Customer experience is what you do before and during the transaction whilst loyalty is what you do just after and between transactions.  

The customer retention and customer lifetime valuation study are part of the L&F CG Commercialization study. A study about everything sales, marketing and technology related to Estate agents and agencies. 

The customer retention study will help you and your organization develop marketing and sales strategies. The study will also help you identify modern technology and how to implement such technology into your existing tech stack


Customer Retention for Real Estate Agencies

The Three Dimensions of Real Estate Sales


Email marketing – Engage your leads with Lemlist

If you could avoid your leads spam filter when reaching out somewhat cold, that would be great.

Although your lead gave you his or her email address, chances are that your CRM system has been blacklisted long ago and that the majority of your cold emails are ending up in spam filters.

Lemlist is a workaround. They help you warmup your domain, helps your email land in the primary tab and helps you personalize pictures, video or tekst. It’s not a magic wand, but it helps, and it will help you engage more leads than other email clients out there.

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