Partner For Hire


We bring back lost clients and recharge dwindling business relations through our unique business charger; from contact to contract. 

Our expertise within commercialization has led us to develop a business model that ensures former clients and prospects, enter the fold again and stays. We will gain access, identify wants, needs and buying behavior. Develop (put together) the perfect services, present, negotiate and get the signature 

Our business models are proven in countless business cases and are best practices combined with optimized execution. 

In general, service providers rely on partners/senior/executive to provide the clients. This is a proven model and has proven itself over and over. We do the same, only better. Better because we have and are continuously refining each element and variable in every process related to getting the signature. 

Partner for hire is an entry-level service from LFCG and can be implemented in most service providers. The requirement is that we can identify at least $ 1 million in potential sales. Our terms/pay is as for any partner and thus dependent on your internal structure.  

Former, inactive and lost clients will always be the shortest way to business growth and capital gains. And can, in our experience, make the foundation for serious business growth.