Bids & Negotiation || #1 – 2024

A great team is great because the players are great. And great players are great because they are better than their competition at training and development.


Organizations should look into hiring employees who have demonstrated the desire to keep learning and wanting to grow into their careers through time


By offering technological resources and expertise, IBM aims to empower youth and job seekers with technical and professional skills essential for entering or re-entering the workforce.


The brain is a shallow architecture with only a few layers, yet current AI architectures are deep, consisting of many layers. Can brain inspired shallow architectures compete with deep architectures, and if so what is the underlying mechanism?


Artificial intelligence raises serious concerns for jobs but it will also create new positions, from meteorologists to lawyers and screenwriters, generative AI capable of creating content — such as the chatbot ChatGPT — could change the contours of many professions. But it will also create new positions, according to Denis Machuel, the chief executive of Zurich-based Adecco.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves across various industries. While the promise of enhanced productivity and automation is undeniable, it also raises concerns about the future of jobs.

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