If someone could make sure your calendar was booked with potential clients for the next three months, would you talk to that person? 

You see the need for personal interaction such as telephone calls or physical contact to attract potential clients is grossly overrated. 

Petter Vasholmen is a former graphic designer turned tech entusiast and customer retention automation evangelist. A transformation he has gone through the last 4 years since joining L&F CG. This transformation is linked to him being made aware of the enlarging gulf between what’s common and best practices for customer retention and customer journeys and what’s possible to do.    

Petter is one of the founding partners and now the managing partner in L&F CG, a role he has occupied for the last year. Petter is 47 years old, married and together with his wife they have 9 children. Petters academic merits is in Graphic Design and more courses than a golf course in CRM, CMS, Analytics and so forth. Petter’s passions range from good food, culture and art and all the way to his true passion technology that helps us become more productive. And can regularly be found watching a 10-hour documentary on the development of a new microchip.     

Petter is a team player. If L&F CG was a soccer team, Petter would be a midfielder. One of the guys that makes the whole team tick. In L&F CG he is responsible for our tech stack and our client’s tech stack. Ensuring L&F CG, our associates and clients have a complete tech stack fit for all purposes.   

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