The origin of the realization about customer experience

I, and most people I know, have been a customer all our lives. We buy everything we need, everything our family needs and everything our company needs. There are shops and suppliers we return too because their location is convenient for others we return to because they have something special, we like.

However, what they all have in common is my utter satisfaction with the customer experience. So, I started a little social experiment, just family and friends. And they were just like us. They had a clear preference for what to buy. Where to buy, however, was determined by experience.

Now realizing what intervals most purchases take place, ensuring that the customer experience is unparalleled became LFCG´s top priority.

What we sat out to achieve

LFCFG must ensure our clients are satisfied with our service, our business relation, and the whole customer experience, on a micro-level. We believe that this is the only way to make sure our clients come back.

Which challenges did and do we face?

We provide CAAS (commercialization as a service.) To everyone in and related to the real estate industry. How could and can we make sure that every one of our clients and all our other professional relations are completely happy and satisfied with our collective experience.

Although all of them somehow has some connection to the real estate industry, that’s about the only commentator they have.

We had an epiphany

There is an old saying; you can’t see the forest for the threes. The point in this story being, we already had the solution. We had our CAAS. All we had to do were to implement our service into our own business.

Does that sound a little lame, does it not? However, one would be surprised to see how common it is. Common here meaning how sales, marketing, and growth consultants “forgets” to implement what they are preaching for themself.

We made a plan, which we then executed 

We started with an assessment and market development, utilizing every model we had developed to the maximum before we repeated the process for services and service development, design and digital presence, technical setup, sales and sales development, and the follow-up. Tweaking, adjusting, and optimizing each element as we went.

What threw us off guard 

In the assessment and market development, we do outreach to as many of our customers as possible, which in turn was a massive success. This outreach led to an exceptional customer retention rate, which almost became self-destructive on its own.

Let’s put it like this, we wanted customer retention, and we got customer retention, far more than our current production capacity could handle, this led our entire organization into overdrive for a while.

Where we are today

However, finding assets (production partners) wanting to be involved with our clients was a much easier process than anticipated. So today, we are geared up for any number of prospective customers and providing them with just the growth they want and need for as long as they want or need. 

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