Pilot Program for
Sales Training

The FREE Pilot Program

  1. Introduction to the Pilot program

Do you think it’s possible within the world of marketing, sales tech.To find a theory, technique, or something else that could give your agency an enormous competitive advantage? When the presumably game changing technology, which is introduced every fortnight doesn’t seem to do the trick. 

That’s why we have our free Pilot program, our laboratory. When relevant new theories, technologies, platforms, and such surfaces. We at L&F CG together with 2-3 external specialists and 1-2 estate agencies, develop and alpha test a potential new service. When the service works and produces desired results, the pilot service is initiated to make sure we have all the success stories we desire

Admission to the pilot program is simple, first come first served. If the program is full, you can register your interest in pilot testing of the next service.

  1. Registration form 
  2. Video from the production manager 
  3. Expected metrics, the number we got in alpha testing the service 
  4. Service description, a visualization of the process the Pilot clients can expect 
  5. Example
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