Would you help us develop game changing services for Estate agencies?

This is a collaboration between you, L&F CG and an alpha estate agency. Together we will develop a service, based upon L&F CG research, your specialty and the agency’s needs. All L&F CG services betters ROI, betters sales or develops monetary value for our clients.  

  • L&F CG know the industrial needs, what research dictates is possible, and we have agencies willing to help us develop the service
  • You are a specialist on the subject
  • The agency’s needs put it all into context  
  • Together we will make sure the service is compliant with rules and regulations
  • The service is done when we have a satisfactory ROI, increase in sales or value development. 

We are on the lookout for specialists who want to be best in business. Specialists who want to grow in an international market. 

We will provide you with a possibility of an obvious business opportunity based upon something new we have discovered. The agency provides data on how these opportunities are handled today. Afterwards we develop the solution together based on your knowledge upon the subject. Finally, we will test and adjust the service until it provides a satisfactory ROI, increase in sales or value development.    

This service will be to every one of our clients with a well-documented proof of concept and testimonials on increase in sales, ROI and or value development.

What we achieve together   

  • L&F CG gets a service who increases ROI, sales or value development for all our clients
  • You get a moneymaker of a service with client’s lining up to buy 
  • The agency gets a massive competitive advantage in its market
  • Together we will have a service making more money for all of us
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