Listing Marketing Mix

Personalized, automated, and digitized invitations to your listing.

An automated intelligent and personalized outreach with pictures, triggers, value propositions and video to make sure every prospect for your listing feels special, welcome, and even sought after to your listings. More visitors, more stakeholders, more ambassadors equal more buyers and regular bidding wars. A personalized, automated, and digitized invitation will also set you apart from your competition and generate loads of leads amongst your invitees and their stakeholders.

“We can personalize any form for outreach using new and NOT commercially available artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. And when this technology is made available for commercial use, we will find and develop something new. Maintaining our services competitive advantage for the near future.”  

After reaching an agreement we will sign your data processor agreement. If you don’t have such an agreement at hand, we will provide you with a data processor agreement, compliant with GDPR. We need to know your current tech stack, and we need access to your calendars so we can complete our technical setup. 

When the technical setup is done, we will have a workshop with you and your agents. We need this workshop for a photo and video session, copywriting, and to coach you in how to use this service. 

Finally, you or someone from your office can press the play button and watch the magic unfold. 

Our customer retention service uses known frameworks like Zapier to connect to other systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk and HubSpot for automation and workflows. Everything we do is compliant and in accordance with GDPR.

Personalized, automatized, and digitized invitations to your listing services start off at €5000. The price depends on the number of participants from the agency. When the agreement is signed it will usually be about 2 weeks until we are ready for the workshop. Every client will receive a tailor-made offer based on their exact needs and wants.

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