Free BASIC Public Relations

Expected ROI from BASIC Public Relations

  • A substantial increase of your fee
  • Knowing how to do automated networking and media outreach 
  • Knowing how to do automated stakeholder outreach 
  • Knowing how to develop your organization and agents into specialists
  • Knowing how to do automated lobbying  

Introduction to BASIC Public Relations 

Will clients in general be willing to pay more for a product or service they perceive as a premium product or service? 

In our 3-hour lecture/- workshop we will introduce you to best practices for setting up technology and to do networking and outreach. We will introduce you to best practices for automated identifying of triggers, value prepositions and most likely call to action. Enabling your entire organization to be recognized as specialists for areas, types of estate or any other necessary specialty.

Agenda and content for the workshop 

  • Automated networking and technological set up 
  • Automated identification of triggers 
  • Automated identification of value propositions 
  • Automated identification of most likely call to action for individuals


“We have invested several thousands of hours and dollars into the development of this service. Research, interviews, development, and testing. And it works in Alpha. Now if we can make it work in BETA together, the potential for establishing yourself, your agency and agents ase recognized specialist are absolute” – L&F CG  

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