Free BASIC Personal Branding

Expected ROI from BASIC Personal Branding

  • A substantial increase of your fee
  • A substantial increase of walk inn clients and prospects 
  • By developing your know how on how to be a recognized specialist 
  • And develop an understanding on how specialists always get to be part of a potential big deal
  • And understanding why specialists has substantial higher fees  

Introduction to BASIC Personal Branding 

If there were a fix who would guarantee your presence at every major assignment and a fix who would ensure that your fee was premium in every assignment. Would you invest 2 hours to see if it was something you could utilize? 

Our two-hour workshop BASIC Personal Branding delves into best practices for being an established and recognized specialist as an estate agent. This includes best practices on networking, being published and a point of reference for segment, niche, customer type or types of property.   

Agenda and content for the workshop 

  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on how to work with media 
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on how to publish articles and chronicles 
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on how to identify and work with innovators 
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on how to be recognized as a specialist 


“We have invested several thousands of hours and dollars into the development of this service. Research, interviews, development, and testing. And it works in Alpha. Now if we can make it work in BETA together, the potential for establishing yourself, your agency and agents ase recognized specialist are absolute” – L&F CG  

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