Free BASIC HIT Coaching

Expected ROI from BASIC HIT Coaching 

  • Discover your strengths as an estate agent 
  • Find what opportunities you have within reach right now
  • Uncover threats to your business
  • Are there weaknesses in your operation you should address?
  • Develop a plan on how to utilize this knowledge

Introduction to BASIC HIT Coaching 

Do you believe training makes you better? 

In this one-hour high intensity training (HIT) coaching, together we discover strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats related to who you are and how you work. We will find one or two buttons for you to twist and increase your number of listings, the efficiency of your sales or the strength of your personal brand.  

Agenda and content for the workshop 

  • It’s an interview 


“I have increased my number of monthly listings and sales from 2 – 5. I’m getting better at every aspect of my job, each week. Finding listings, faster and better sales and a general increase in fees” – Snorre Pedersen Nordvik Røa  

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