Free BASIC Customer Retention

Expected ROI from BASIC Customer Retention  

  • Awareness on potential sales in your CRM system
  • Awareness on potential increase in company valuation from your CRM system
  • And an idea on how to harness both 

Introduction to BASIC Customer Retention 

Would you take a customer who knows your worth, would recommend your services to everyone they meet, buy bigger and more expensive, have a substantially lower acquisition cost, and really trust you? 

In our 2-hour BASIC Customer retention lecture/workshop we will take you through leading theories on customer retention, customer lifetime value and customer value development for estate agencies. Before we turn our attention to best practices on customer journeys and customer journey development for estate agencies.  

Agenda and content for the workshop 

  • The leading theories behind bettering customer retention for estate agencies 
  • The leading theories on how to develop customer lifetime value for estate agencies 
  • The leading theories and best practices on how to continuously develop the customer journey for estate agencies 


“What you are aware of, you can plan for. Knowing the true monetary value of our customer base and knowing how to reach and engage with them, bringing them, their friends, their families, and colleagues back to us with their listings. It’s just great” – Nordvik Røa”

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