Free BASIC Commercialization

Expected ROI from BASIC Commercialization 

  • Assess and develop new markets 
  • Adapt, adjust, and develop your services to new segments 
  • Adapt, adjust, and develop your digital presence and marketing campaigns 
  • Adapt, adjust, and develop your tech stack
  • Adapt, adjust, and develop sales, strategies, and plans
  • Harness and assess data to develop new markets 

Introduction to BASIC Commercialization

If there were a receipt that could provide your agency with a substantial new market share almost risk fee, would you try it? 

In this four-hour workshop/-lecture we are going to present best practices for assessing and developing necessary organizational traits and attributes to be attractive for new segments and markets. And how to introduce these qualities to new markets and segments utilizing new technology, best practices, and the latest theories.    

Agenda and content for the workshop 

  • Introduction to the 360 Wheel Of Commercialization for estate agencies 
  • Best practices on how to create dependencies in sales and marketing for estate agencies 
  • Best practices for developing new markets for estate agencies 


“We have invested several thousands of hours and dollars into the development of this service. Research, interviews, development, and testing. And it works in Alpha. Now if we can make it work in BETA together, the potential for stealing market shares is enormous” – L&F CG 

We are looking for a pilot agency, would you want to try it?

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