What We Do

L&F CG are researching what might affect sales and marketing for estate agents, estate agencies and estate agency franchises.

When we make a significant discovery, a new technique, a new technology or something else we believe will make an impact on how agents and agencies conduct their business. We will develop a service for our clients so they can take advantage of this business opportunity and use it as a competitive advantage. 

L&F CG develops all our services together with external specialists and estate agencies. When the service is developed and tested and the service produces an ROI, we and the estate agency are satisfied with, we will introduce the service to the mass market. 

If you have a specialty, you feel would benefit estate agents, estate agencies or estate franchises you can read more about our collaborations here.

If you’re an estate agent, agency or franchise and want to develop your competitive edge, you can read more about our collaborations here.


Customer Retention

We can contact and engage every new or former client and guide them to you for their next sale. Every outreach is personalized for maximum engagement.

Customer retention for real estate agencies is making sure that every potential client that has engaged with you, gets the follow up they need. Every follow up is personalized and individualized. We can do this as an add-on to the CRM system you’re using now. If you don’t have any means of customer handling, we can provide you with a solution that fits your agency.

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