What We Do

L&F CG are researching what might affect sales and marketing for estate agents, estate agencies and estate agency franchises.

When we make a significant discovery, a new technique, a new technology or something else we believe will make an impact on how agents and agencies conduct their business. We will develop a service for our clients so they can take advantage of this business opportunity and use it as a competitive advantage. 

L&F CG develops all our services together with external specialists and estate agencies. When the service is developed and tested and the service produces an ROI, we and the estate agency are satisfied with, we will introduce the service to the mass market. 

If you have a specialty, you feel would benefit estate agents, estate agencies or estate franchises you can read more about our collaborations here.

If you’re an estate agent, agency or franchise and want to develop your competitive edge, you can read more about our collaborations here.



In this two hour lecture/- workshop we are delving into best practices on how to develop pipelines, how to engage and make contact with prospects, how to write great offers, how to present great offers, how to negotiate great deals and how to make great prospects into great clients and future ambassadors. 

BASIC Estate Sales

In our two hour lecture/- workshop BASIC Estate sales we will present you with best practice on customer profiling, mirroring audiences, digital presence, available technology and the psychology and sociology behind marketing and sales for estate agents and agencies. 

BASIC Personal Branding

Our two-hour workshop BASIC Personal Branding delves into best practices for being an established and recognized specialist as an estate agent. This includes best practices on networking, being published and a point of reference for segment, niche, customer type or types of property.

BASIC HIT Coaching

In this one-hour high intensity training (HIT) coaching, together we discover strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats related to who you are and how you work. We will find one or two buttons for you to twist and increase your number of listings, the efficiency of your sales or the strength of your personal brand. 

BASIC Customer Retention

In our 2-hour BASIC Customer retention lecture/workshop we will take you through leading theories on customer retention, customer lifetime value and customer value development for estate agencies. Before we turn our attention to best practices on customer journeys and customer journey development for estate agencies. 

BASIC Marketing HUB

In our BASIC Marketing hub lecture/- workshop we will introduce you to best practice for estate agents on how to set up a digital journey from lead generation throughout the customer lifetime in a complete omnichannel environment. Customer journeys starting as potential sellers, potential buyers, or stakeholders in general.

BASIC Public Relations

In our 3-hour lecture/- worktop we will introduce you to best practices for setting up technology and to do networking and outreach. We will introduce you to best practices for automated identifying of triggers, value prepositions and most likely call to action. Enabling your entire organization to be recognized as specialists for areas, types of estate or any other necessary specialty.

BASIC Commercialization

In this four-hour workshop/-lecture we are going to present best practices for assessing and developing necessary organizational traits and attributes to be attractive for new segments and markets. And how to introduce these qualities to new markets and segments utilizing new technology, best practices, and the latest theories.   

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