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Match with potential candidates and colleagues

You are the perfect fit for a great agency!
Now let us help you make the introduction!

If your are actively searching for new opportunities or just want to see whats out there for you. 
  • An agency who shares your vision and mission 
  • An agency working with your kind of clients 
  • An agency with a company culture sharing your values 
  • An agency working in a segment and where you can excel 
  • An agency with colleagues in need of your attributes and traits
  • An agency who will help you be all you can be

Bootstrap your career in Real Estate Sales today

Match with agents 

Find your next agent among our students? 

Our students are realtors and real estate agents today. Students actively working to develop their skills in marketing and sales of bot services and real estate.

We can help your agency and find your ideal match! Agents that will make your agency and your services better.  
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Enter any market or segment

We can help your franchise/agency to find ideal candidates inn any market or segment you want
It's like this.
There is a fair chance that we are represented in the market or segment you want to enter..
However if we aren't?
We will get there within a mont from your request 

Arvid M. Lyngnes
Academic Dean L&F CG 

Im not going to say where or when. But we are definitely on our way!  

Thomas Wahl
Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

The quality of our educational programs

International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)

Credits in ISCED

A credit refers to how much time a student have to invest in learning a subject.
  • 1 credit equals 25 hours learning in total
  • These 25 hours covers lectures, reading, assignments and exams
  • A full time student are expected to do 60 credits in one calendar year

Credits in L&F CG

  • 1 Credit is 25 hours learning 
  • Teachers/trainers has at least 30 credits in the subject they teach
  • Literature used in L&F CG courses are peer reviewed
  • L&F CG Exams are pass or fail
Accordion Description
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"Education enhance agent performance, boost agent productivity, reduce agent turnover, and improve company culture. Explore the importance of training and development programs for agents and agencies by pursuing a career in real estate."

L&F CG educational courses

  • At L&F CG, we have developed educational programs for marketing and selling real estate and real estate services.

  • Our educational programs is affordable, digitized, and accessible for everyone. 
  • Our students can earn three different titles; Certified, specialist, and expert.
  • Certified is 1 credit
  • Specialist is 30 credits 
  • Expert is 60 credits
One course/training regime is minimum 1 credit and 25 hours of learning
To become a specialist, a student has 30 credits and 750 hours of learning.
To become an expert, a student has 60 points and 1500 hours of learning

L&F CG titles


Means a student have the necessary expertise to excel in the subject at hand. 


Means a student have the necessary expertise to lecture others in the subject


Means a student have the necessary expertise to design new courses in the subject


The most common questions on our courses. If your have other's feel free to contact us.
  • Do you have formal recognizable titles? 
  • As of right now, we can't offer bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D.’s to our students. We are in process and exploring our options and at some point we will provide such degrees. 

  • Why haven't you acquired the right to certify/provide educational degrees? 
  • It's about legal requirements to practice as a relator/estate agent and how these requirements differs between markets. And we dont want to design an educational program that excludes markets.   

  • How can I verify the academic quality pf you'r courses? 
  • To ensure that we uphold necessary standards, we use the ISCED norm. 25 hours of learning for each credit. 
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