Does it make sense to make sure you own your customer data?

If your are using a third party customer management system. And you can’t access your customer data at will. You don’t rely own your clients. This is a major challenge facing most estate agencies

Per Vinje, managing partner at Mazars Legal Norway have taken some time to enlighten us mere mortals on what some basics every estate agent can check off their list to make sure their have some ownership to clients they have fought tot hand nail to attract. Per tells us about the bare minimum consent for future communication. Which boxes to tick off to makes sure you have such a consent. And a few tips and tricks on how you, as an estate agent, can make this a focus in your organization.

Per Vinje has spent the last 15 years advising estate agents, estate agencies and their franchises in real estate law. Before that he spent a couple of years as a commercial estate agent for Colliers. If you need some input, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Link to podcast – link to masterclass

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