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Collaboration for maximizing customer retention and customer lifetime value.


Investor relations.


Capitalizing on your research and academic credentials.

Helping our clients by capitalizing on our knowledge.
Our partners are in the top tier of their fields and are recruited especially to make sure our services are as good as they can be.

A brief history of LFCG

Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Arvid Madland Lyngnes is the founder and consultant at LFCG, the go-to company for commercialization. Arvid has written several articles on the subject published in a variety of different media.

Petter F. Vasholmen
COO / partner

Petter helps you bring together the best and most profitable solutions. His experience gives you a relevant and predictable delivery.

Josef Noll
research / professor

“We must work together for Norway as an informal knowledge society. Much that what we do on the informal is great, but when it comes to technology-based knowledge, we are lagging behind the countries we compare.”

Thor Arne Madland

Thor Arne Madland is a digital entrepreneur who has been the technological alibi for several different projects. Thor Arne believes that any project worth doing can be automated and digitized.

Kristian Winum Lien
success manager

Kristian is a former chef by trade who, over the years, has leaped into customer service. Kristian believes there is knowledge to be found in any and every relation.

Cecilie Madland Lyngnes

Cecilie has vast and diversified experience within all aspects of HR. Her organizations are known for complementary competence and skills, ranging from academic to industrial and everything in between.

Per Vinje

Per has a broad experience in real estate. He is often used as a lecturer and sparring partner in the real estate industry.

Jan Roger Strømsrud

Jan Roger is an accountant by trade whos strong suit is developing efficient routines to optimize economic and financial processes within service providing companies.

Christoffer V. Frick
sdr / research

Christoffer is the latest addition to our team. Christoffer is developing into quite the researcher and is fast becoming an essential part of LFCG.

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