New Markets


Sometimes growth requires a certain level of aggression. Meaning not having enough time to develop the necessary organic growth to meet organizational and company goals. For these occasions, we have developed and customized a form for mergers and acquisitions optimized for our commercialization model.   

Utilizing our assessment and market development module, we can clarify and profile wants, needs, other traits and attributes the new segment/market demands. Then we can pinpoint which traits and attributes our clients need to enhance/develop to be attractive in new segments or markets. Using the combined data to identify potential partners.

LFCG will handle any formal process, in any market, according to local law and compliance regulations.

In general, only 25% of M&A can be described as successes. The most common failure is companies being unable to handle differences in business culture. Our assessment and market development model ensures that the business culture is a strong and not weak point in the collaboration. 

New Markets is usually step three for our clients and is a natural next step after implementing a partner for hire and commercialization. Our entire commercialization model is a requirement for successfully executing our M&A module. 

Entering a new market is easier if done together with someone knowing the local culture, businesses and how to develop necessary local relations. 


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