We live in uncertain times. None of us has the slightest idea on what tomorrow brings in the real estate industry. There are new technologies and endelse possibilities entering the market left, right and center. With that in mind, expanding our expertise is what gives us a competitive edge in the long run. So to invest 1 day a week to be a better estate agent. Is the smart play for any individual or organization.

Google’s ’20% rule’ shows exactly how much time you should spend learning new skills—and why it works
More about google and their revolutionary working and learning program

Googles postulates for learning new skills are as follow; 1) Clearly identify what you want to learn. 2) Win — even if you lose. 3) Be flexible and committed. 4) Look for ways to make it fun. 5) Think in decades. If you would like to see more about google’s 20% rule. The CNBC has a great article on the subject or you can go straight to the source and see how and why google invest’s so much time and effort in their employees.

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