If someone could help you be the MVP in your league, would you talk to him? 

Best practices are not the same for different players. To win a person, team, or agency must develop a game plan that plays to their strengths. You will never succeed by doing the same with less resources than the bigger competition.    

Arvid is a marketing specialist turned commercialist preaching to everyone who would listen about the need to merge sales, marketing and technology for future growth and success. Working as a management consultant for the majority of his career, the transformation from a purebred marketer to a commercialist has been a long process, pushed by success stories from clients who do.   

My transformation from pure marketing to acknowledge that marketing doesn’t work without sales and technology was a bumpy ride. The final push came when i read a study conducted by Bain & Company on organic growth in commercialized companies vs a traditional approach to sales, marketing and technology. And it just made perfect sense to me. A perfectly executed customer journey is a lifelong commitment from both parties. From attraction and engagement to experiences and support. Getting it right means unconditional growth, getting it wrong doesn’t.    

Arvid Madland Lyngnes is one of the founding partners in L&F CG and is titled Lead Commercialization. A title he has occupied for the last 4 years. Arvid is married, with no children. Arvids academic merits are a Master in marketing and some extras in PR and lobbying. Arvids passions are the outdoors, arts, food, working out and fishing. Especially, sea trout, trout and salmon. Although the true and major passion is knowing who is best and why. 

Arvid can make you better than the rest. Arvid can develop a game plan, playing to your strengths and help you mask and cover up any weakness or threats. If L&F CG were a soccer team, Arvid would be the coach. The one responsible for training, diets, tactics and recruiting.  

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