You can be great at giving advice and pretty useless in following the same advice yourself. It happens to all of us. And it happens because when we experience problems ore difficulties at work, we are often too close to the problem and we tend to over complicate it. It’s when providing someone advice, we have a bird’s view on the challenges.

“If someone can help you increase your number of listings, speeding up turnover, increase selling price and help you negotiate better fees and general terms.
That would then be the smart play would it not?”

Having someone observe what we do. So we can adjust techniques, activities or even focus. Is a major advantage for personal improvement or problem solving

More about the Solomon Paradox

Solomon’s paradox is a theory in psychology on why having a coach ore trainer is the smart play when your work in a high pressure environment. Solomons’s paradox explains how others can simplify complex problems and “cut to the core” of the your problem’s and together you can develop an easy to use solution. Solomon’s paradox is tested academically by a researcher named Grossman in 2015 and deemed to be a scientific fact. If interested you can read more about Solomon and the Solomon Paradox in this article Solomon’s Paradox: How to Apply Your Own Wisdom by Victor Ung in Thrive Global.

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