• We developed five unique campaigns: 
    • We engaged 2 000 former home sellers, transferring 45% back into the seller’s customer journey. 
    • We engaged 2 000 former home buyers, transferring 42% back into the buyer’s customer journey.
    • We engaged 1 000 former stakeholders, transferring 47% back into the stakeholder customer journey.
    • We engaged 500 prospects from open house viewings and arranging 25 client meetings.
    • We engaged 1000 new prospects, transferring 38% into the stakeholder customer journey.  
  • How these campaigns affect Nordvik Røa:
    • Through two unique campaigns we were able to bring almost 1000 homeowners into a customer journey designed to make sure they use Norvik Røa for their next sale. And to make sure each of these homeowners acts as an ambassador on behalf of Nordvik Røa. We also managed to build a second pipeline, customer journey with almost 1000 homeowners.

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