Executive Program - Marketing and sales for realtors and partners (II)

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  • Teacher
    Arvid M. Lyngnes
  • Level
  • Time
    90 hrs + workshop
  • Exam
    2 week home exam 

The purpose of the program

The purpose of this executive program (ii) to enable the student to take the next step in the students career. And that means bigger market, bigger sales and bigger commissions. And potential partnerships. 

Furthermore, the student should be able to help his colleagues and develop the office's market and sales plans and activities.

Subjects we will cover are; Marketing fundamentals, consumer behavior, artificial intelligence, psychology, sociology, marketing analytics, organizational development, digital marketing, negotiation, customer retention and customer lifetime valuation.     

Learning process

Before we start 

Coaches will assess the students personality, communication and academic skills. This way our coaches can ensure that the program is adapted to each students individual needs  and thus ensure an optimized outcome.

Introducing a new subject each week

Step 1

Each week starts of with an exchange of experience amongst the students on last weeks subject. Then the lecturer will introduce this weeks subject, expectations and key takeaways. 

Step 2

The subject of the week is released on the learning platform. Here the student will find this weeks lecture, tasks and assignments. Task and assignments are usually related to explaining terms and practical use.

Step 3

The student has the first of two weekly meetings with their coach. Here the coach will instruct the student in techniques related to the subject. 

Step 4

The second weekly meeting between coach and student. In this session the student explain their preferred technique and the coach will set it up

Step 5

At the end of the course there is a workshop where the students exchange experiences and works in groups to perfectionize their playbook

Step 6

The exam is a 2 week home project. Here the student will implement ideas from the workshop and further perfectionize their personal playbook  

Learning objectives

  • Being able to help the agency increase their local market share 
  • Being able to help the agency develop better realtors
  • Being able to sell more real estate 
  • Being able to build customer retention and lifetime valuation for their team and the whole agency 

The Lecturer-
Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Arvid Madland Lyngnes has a master of science in marketing and works as a teacher and lecturer in marketing and sales in real estate. Arvid is also an advisor for real estate developers, investors and estate agencies. Arvid is one of the founders of L&F CG learning 
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