How to trigger buyers, seller or stakeholders

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  • Teacher
    Arvid M. Lyngnes
  • Level
    Must have
  • Time
    16 weeks/50 hours
  • Exam
  • Credit 


The purpose of this must have course is to give the students a basic understanding of triggers, value prepositions and the necessary cal to action AND the skills needed to utilize this knowledge in day to day business activities.

After this course the student should be able to partake in discussions about triggers, value prepositions and call to action. Make plans, design activities and implement such in all their communication. And finally explaining their action and choices to management 

Learning process

A lecture is 30-45 minutes depending on the subject
Each lecture has it's own syllabus and recommended reading
Each lectures is divided into 1-3 sessions

Each session has a self assessment part where the student can test their knowledge

Group mentoring 

  1. Yet to be decided

Group coaching 

  1. Yet to be decided

Finally there is a multippel choice exam at the end of the course. In the exam you will find questions and pictures. The exam is 50 questions in one hour

Learning objectives

After completing this course the student will be ready to customize their communication based on the recipients needs and wants
After completing this course the student will be an asset to their agency ann its communication strategies
After completing this course the student can explain their actions and choices to their stakeholders

The lecturer-
Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Arvid Madland Lyngnes has a master of science in marketing and works as a teacher and lecturer in marketing and sales in real estate.
Arvid is also an advisor for real estate developers, investors and estate agencies. Arvid is one of the founders of L&F CG learning 
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