Mini MBA - Commercialization

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  • Teacher
    Arvid M. Lyngnes
  • Level
  • Time
    25 hours + workshop
  • Exam
    2 week home exam 

The purpose of a Mini MBA

The purpose of Commercialization is to ensure the agency are equipped with the necessary plans, strategies, digital plattforms, technology, organizational skills, traits and attributes to penetrate or skim existing or new markets.

The academic syllabus includes: Marketing, Marketing analysis, Consumer behavior, Consumer economics, design, content creation, marketing, sales and customer relationship technology, psychology, sociology and artificial intelligence. 

Learning process

How each lecture is set up

Step 1

Introduction to todays subject

Step 2

Clarify goals and expectations

Step 3

The lecture

Step 4

An example, how to put todays knowledge into play

Step 5

The students own activity journal, a personal how to

Learning objectives

The student should have a working understadning on how to gather data
The student should have a working understanding on how to assess data
And the student sholud have a working understadning on how to implement this knowledge to a working businessmodel for the agency.

The lecturer-
Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Arvid Madland Lyngnes has a master of science in marketing and works as a teacher and lecturer in marketing and sales in real estate.
Arvid is also an advisor for real estate developers, investors and estate agencies. Arvid is one of the founders of L&F CG learning 
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