ChatGPT for Realtors

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Join the future of language technology with ‘Introduction to ChatGPT’, taught by Global Online Educator, Mike Wheeler.

This course covers everything you need to know about the state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI in order to use ChatGPT effectively.

Learn the basics of ChatGPT, including account sign-up, user interface navigation, and understanding the model's capabilities and limitations. You'll also be introduced to the API playground to further explore.

Discover a multitude of use cases for ChatGPT and join the OpenAI Discord community.

Once you are comfortable with using the platform, you'll next learn how to use ChatGPT for effective communication. From writing personal and professional emails to generating ideas for social media and blog posts, ChatGPT can be your communications concierge.

Overcome writer's block with ease as you learn to harness ChatGPT's ideation capabilities to their fullest extent.

This course empowers you to utilize ChatGPT for audio, video, and text content creation, including writing complete book chapters, YouTube scripts, podcast scripts, and optimizing it all for higher search engine rankings.

You'll also learn how to go global by translating content into a multitude of languages with ChatGPT.

Don't miss this opportunity to master the technology of the future and get started with today.

Learning process

Part 1
Introduction to ChatGPT for Realtors

Part 2

Learning objectives

  • Basics of ChatGPT
  • Account sign-upUI navigation
  • ChatGPT Capabilities and Limitations
  • ChatGPT API use cases and language models experimentation
  • Discover use cases for ChatGPT
  • Effective communication using ChatGPT
  • Writing emails with ChatGPT
  • Writing social media and blog posts with ChatGPT
  • Utilize ChatGPT for content creationPlan
  • Outline and Write Books with ChatGPT
  • Come up with YouTube video ideas and script them
  • Repurpose YouTube scripts as Podcast scripts
  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Translate content into multiple languages with ChatGPT
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