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Corporate Consulting

What's in it for you? 

If you can access every potential buyer for any property no matter where or when. Sales will become easier and more profitable? 

If you want to reach every potential buyer out there. Its up to you to make sure you reach out where they are with a message that triggers their interest and a cal to action aligned with their preference

"Miss by an inch, miss by a mile"  

In our workshop we will find buyers who have your property as a specification. Buyers who has lost similar properties to competitors. Locals, on average the most likely buyers. Anyone actively searching for your property and everyone whit similar preferences as your stakeholders. And how to engage them, all of them...
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"A workshop done right creates a game plan your whole organization can get behind. If this game plan simultaneously is better than your competition, you will win more than you loose ”

Our corporate consulting gigg is threefold .

The Workshop - find your buyers

Digital Presence, design & set up 

Educate and get the all on board!

This is our workshop setup 

  1. We will reach out to every participant and prepare them for the workshop 
  2. We will stage the workshop. Digitally, at your location or at our location. We will bring and sett up necessary props. 
  3. Every participant must check inn on arrival 
  4. We will start of going over the ground rules and setting goals
  5. Complete the workshop
  6. Assess goal completion
  7. Decide on next step 
  8. Complete check out 
  9. Follow up next step
  • Everything related to the workshop and the subsequent processes are done by lecturers from courses and training regimes inside L&F CG learning. And everything is done at a fixed price.
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Ok, i am intrigued. Show me what it is about

We have a keynote, it takes about 15 - 20 minutes. More if you have questions. 
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I have heard about the workshop and know it works

I have a real estate project good to go. And i would like to secure as many sales as possible as soon as possible. 

Develop your property with us?

Sell what's needed to finance the project

We will find and activate the customers needed to secure financing for the project

Sell what's needed to break even 

We can find and activate the customers needed to ensure the projects goes break even

Maximize profits on what's left

We can find and activate the customers willing to pay more then others for the property

Join us for a demo

Come join us as we demonstrate some of the tricks we use
Finding the buyers you need
Wednesday november 23 at 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 16:00 GMT
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