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Our latest service “The Follow-up”

Any business manager must see and understand their team just as Alex Ferguson or Vince Lombardi saw their teams. Different roles, different traits, different attributes, and subsequently different needs to maximize the team’s potential as a group and as individual cogs in the machinery.

03. Design & Digital Presence

We will start by overhauling your brand book ensuring it is aligned with traits and attributes from your organization, brand, stakeholders, services, and products. We will incorporate modern values such as environmental consciousness, digital, sustainable and other global relevant trends. After that, we will update and modernize your digital presence aligning it with your updated …

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06. The Follow-up

First of all, we will plug and adjust your marketing activities. That means setting up your marketing campaigns, adjusting messages, pictures to ensure expected outcome and ROI. This way, we can make sure any one of your campaigns meets its targets, and if any disruptive or game-changing situations occur, we can handle it and counter …

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05. Sales & Sales Development

The sales and sales development service identifies, systematize, and generates every sales-related activities, including marketing activities, into an actionable plan. The management, sales, and marketing personnel can use as a guiding document or as a tick of scheme to ensure quotas and ambitions are met. The plan has an organizational module for the whole organization …

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04. Technical Setup

We will incorporate sales systems, marketing systems, customer relations systems. We will integrate those systems enabling them to communicate with each other. We will integrate those systems into your company’s digital presence. Homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and so forth. We will set up a dashboard to monitor sales and marketing activities. We will automate as …

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02. Services & Service Development

First, we will explain all your services in such a way that your stakeholders understand your services and are able to choose you instead of any of your competitors.  We will explain the performance of your services, we will explain those features that makes your services extraordinary, we will explain the reliability of your services, …

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01. Assessment & Market Development

Analysis and market development is first and foremost about mapping the company’s characteristics and attributes, so that it is easy for the management to see where the company is best, where the company is in the middle of the tree and where the company is the worst compared to its competitors.

Researcher giving a lecture to the students

Designing marketing research

Designing marketing research seems like a lost art for most companies. For some companies, it is a lack of resources for other companies it is the pace of the game. Allocating lots of resources for research today which might be invalid tomorrow is an expensive game to play. However, as in every other part of any game, done right, it is what gives companies an edge. And an edge, in any marketplace, has never before been as valuable as it is today.

Presenting your services

Identifying needs in a market or segment comes first. Then identifying the value chain amongst your consumers. Then designing a commercialization plan towards that target audience, focusing on innovators first then early users and last early majority. Is essential for any business growth.