When all your agents has a clear cut plan on how to find leads and convert them to clients, would that increase long term revenue?

Most agencies has the same predicament, they have a couple of agents doing great, they have a couple of agents doing just fine and they have some agents who needs some input on how to maximize the ouput of their efforts. BASIC Sales is providing each agent with the pieces missing in their personal marketing and sales mix

BASIC Sales is just that. It is a general receipt, a step by step guide of best practise on how to find leads, how to engage leads, how to write offers, how to present offers how to negotiate terms and closing.

I will recommend this lecture/-workshop to any estate agent or agency. It’s a wake up call on how to detail and structure every aspect of the process of acquiring new clients.

Anders Nykkelmo Solem – Managing Partner Privatmegleren Gamlebyen

An introduction to BASIC Sales

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