Would you like a free assessment on your competitive advantages within sales, marketing, and technology?”

We will compare all your marketing and sales activities and evaluate the potency of your tech stack to international standards, best practice and what’s possible. 

  • We will evaluate your market and how you develop new markets
  • We will evaluate your services and their packaging 
  • We will evaluate your design and your digital presence 
  • We will evaluate your usage of available technology 
  • We will evaluate how you do and develop sales
  • We will evaluate how you retain data for future development 

We are on the lookout for agencies who want to be best in business. Agencies and estate agents ready to develop a next level competitive advantage.

There is an interview that needs to be done. Subsequently we might need to interview some of your stakeholders and maybe 1 or 2 employees. When we have sufficient information, we will do the assessment. When the assessment is done, we will present our findings and write a report highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats 

This assessment, the presentation and the report are free of charge for your agency and requires no future commitment on your part.

What we achieve together   

  • We get to further understand the mechanics of modern estate agencies
  • You get real time information on clear and obvious opportunities for you to utilize and threats to neutralize  
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