01. Assessment & Market Development

Assessment and market development is mapping and identifying every single one of your company’s traits and attributes so that your management team has detailed knowledge on where you’re company are better, where you’re company are average and where you’re company are worse of than best practice, peers, competitors, and market leaders. Enabling the management team to develop traits and attributes they need to gain a competitive advantage. 

It is also about identifying which attributes, traits want, or needs that made today’s customers and clients trigger their purchase in the first place. This provides your management team with knowledge on which traits and attributes they need to reinforce to strengthen the company’s customer and stakeholder relations. The service assessment and market development can also identify and map traits, attributes, needs, and wants in blank segments. Blank segments are prospects and stakeholders that, for some reason, are out of your company’s reach today. This way, your management team knows which traits and attributes the company must be developed to reach and grow into those blank segments. 

Mirror audiences

When traits, attributes, needs, and wants for existing clients and blank segments are defined and fed into our matrix. Our algorithm goes to work, creating mirror audiences for each segment in existing and new markets. Mirror audiences are prospects who have identical digital profiles to your existing clients, stakeholders, and blank segments. That means quadrupling the numbers of potential core customers. It is also having detailed knowledge on which traits and attributes that need developing to conquer a quadrupling of the blank segment.   

There is no international standard such as ISO, veritas, or any other, that we can apply for or comply with regarding our matrices, algorithms, or models. So to ensure trustworthiness and credibility to our processes and solutions, we have decided that everything we do or develop has to originate in A level research. The same goes for our data gathering. Any data used or utilized in developing our services, matrices, algorithms, or models must be gathered in accordance with established scientific methods. 

We recommend

Consumer economics and behavior in the B2C and B2B markets are constantly evolving, so any assessment has a limited lifespan. We recommend all our clients to redo the service assessment and market development every 18 to 24 months unless there is a major change in the industry who triggers the need for an immediate response. Assessment and market development has a one-off cost of € 4 000,- and upwards depending on the size of the organization.


Any company associated with LFCG will have access to any updates in our models, metrics, algorithms, and research. We will upgrade all our services twice each year, thus providing our associates with detailed information on what has been done, anticipated effect, recommendations on any new technology to implement, and educational videos and instruction if needed on what and how.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonial

After the workshop, we left with a really good overview of which customers had chosen us because we are who we are and exactly what they like with us.

Dave Eriksen
The ELITE Company, CEO

What People experience with us


What we noticed first was one of the mantras we encountered in one of the marketing campaigns: Nobody pays a premium price for something they don’t understand. As most senior management, we were reasonably confident that our services were understood by our clients. It, therefore, surprised us that much of the understanding of the service came after we had 4 to 6 meetings, and not from “the get-go” in the relationship. This realization made us question how many customers we were loosing. How many did not even make contact at all or who did not even bother with the followup meetings?

What we did not realize was how easy our services could be explained and how this made “everyone” that works for us brand ambassadors, not just the management team, sales, and marketing department.

LFCG helped us define our services and all their attributes, explained the various third-party solutions we also used, and finally, what synergies the previous two opened.

We got a standardized form of recommendation that our sales department could use in relation to customers, and we created a user description that showed what our customers could expect from us. We created a routine for communicating with our customers so that we can constantly see changes in their needs, and we, as professionals, can align our services with new technology, policies, or other important changes — shorter time on sale, more customers, and always updated service.

Joshua Aila
EUA Financial Services, CEO

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We want to see whether the gap between midcap and big companies is widening due to the concentration of competence amongst the larger companies. And how it affects the understanding of the market, the ability to utilize new technology, and available resources for necessary service development > More information.

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