Would you help us develop sales and marketing services for estate agencies?

This is a collaboration between your agency, L&F CG and a selected few specialists. Together we will develop a service for bettering sales or value development for your agency.   

  • Your agency has knowhow on how things are done today
  • We know what’s new and how it can be improved 
  • Our specialist knows how to do the actual implementation
  • Together we will make sure the service is compliant with rules and regulations
  • The service is done when you have a satisfactory ROI, increase in sales or value development. 

We are on the lookout for agencies who want to be best in business. Agencies and estate agents ready to develop a next level competitive advantage.

We will provide you with a possibility of an obvious business opportunity based upon something new we have discovered. Then you provide data on how these opportunities are handled today. Afterwards we develop the solution together with the specialists. Finally, we will test and adjust the service until it provides a satisfactory ROI, increase in sales or value development.    

This service will be free of charge for your agency for as long as you wish to take advantage of it.

What we achieve together   

  • We get a service who increases ROI, sales, or value development 
  • You get an exclusive right to a service who provides your agency with a competitive edge
  • Together we will have a service making more money for all of us
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