04. Technical Setup

We will incorporate sales systems, marketing systems, customer relations systems. We will integrate those systems enabling them to communicate with each other. We will integrate those systems into your company’s digital presence. Homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and so forth. We will set up a dashboard to monitor sales and marketing activities. We will automate as many outbound activities as possible and we will automate and design as much as possible of the customer journey.  

Minimize your external cost

We will utilize as much as possible of your existing systems and we will supplement those systems with systems we believe have the best fit for your organization, competence and need. Meaning minimizing your external cost while maximizing your potential outcome. 

There is no international standard such as ISO, veritas or any other, that we can apply for or comply with regarding our matrices, algorithms or models. So to ensure trustworthiness and credibility to our processes and solutions we have decided that everything we do or develop has to originate in A level research. The same goes for our data gathering. Any data used or utilized in developing our services, matrices, algorithms or models must be gathered in accordance with established scientific methods 

Consumer economics and behavior in the B2C and B2B markets are constantly evolving, so any assessment, service development, digital presence or technology has a limited lifespan. We recommend all our clients to redo the service technical setup every 18 to 24 months unless there is a major change in the industry who triggers the need for an immediate response. Assessment and market development has a one-off cost of € 3 000,- and upwards depending on the size of the organization.


Any company associated with LFCG will have access to any updates in our models, metrics, algorithms, and research. We will upgrade all our services twice each year thus providing our associates with detailed information on what has been done, anticipated effect, recommendations on any new technology to implement and educational videos and instruction if needed on what and how.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonial

Implementing LFCG’s services is entirely unproblematic, which is seldom the case. Several of the systems we use should be approved by financial supervision, which makes switching complicated. We didn’t have to change, got a new sales system, and about 15% increased incoming demand.

Osmund Petri
STR Wealth Management

What People experience with us


We got a presentation on how the accounting industry was in the process of automating its sales work. We were very aware that despite doing some marketing activities on social media, we were quite far from the level several of our competitors were taking.

To avoid “falling behind”, we would try to stay ahead and automate as much as possible without replacing the systems we already use. We had already received some recommendations in connection with the presentation, so we really just followed up and asked for a presentation of the different systems. After we agreed to move on, we had to respond to an email as well as having two telephone conferences at one hour each.

Then came the representative from LFCG and had a review of what the new systems should achieve, how they should be used, and the individual configuration of user profiles. We are now on the forefoot, and we get a request from a client we know where it came from, that it never falls between two chairs and that the prospect receives all the information it needs.

Robert L.H
BH Accounting, Managing Partner

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